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Culinary Education: All About Fair Trade Food
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The fair trade food movement involves social and market advocacy that aims to promote improved trading conditions in developing countries. Learn more about Fair Trade Food.

Denton History
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A history of Denton

Manchester Civic Society
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Manchester Civic Society The website contains a feature on the Church in Issue 1 of The Hive Newsletter and a report on the Community Open Day in Issue 3.

Manchester Diocese
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The main web site for the Church of England Diocese of Manchester

Mothers Union
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Web site for the World Wide Mothers Union organisation

Tameside Council
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Web site of the Local Council for Tameside

The Co-operative Group
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Retailer supplying Fair Trade Goods

The Fair Trade Foundation
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A registered charity, established in 1992 which seeks to alleviate poverty in developing countries by encouraging Fairtrade. It does this by licensing a Fairtrade mark or label to producers and brands which meet Fairtrade standards

Unicorn Grocery
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Fair Trade / Organic / Eco friendly co-operative